FAQ 1: Looking for Policy Forms?

Such as Declarations page, ID cards, Payment Schedule and much more...

  1. Go to "Quick Search" on the left of the screen and search for the policy with 5 easy options.
  2. Once you select the insured, click the "Documents" tab.
  3. Then click on “Policy Forms” and the menu option will expand to display the selection available.
  4. Select the desired forms by clicking the adjacent box … and finally click “Get forms”.
    Note: You can select more than one policy document at a time!
FAQ 2: Trying to find the term breakdown of our new payment plans?

Easy - just click the arrow beside the Term to get the information you need!

FAQ 3: How do I use the E-sign-at-Bind feature with my customer?

Check out this 2-minute video to learn how!

FAQ 4: I'm new to AssuranceAmerica and would like to better understand how to use the platform to do business. How can I learn that without my Territory Manager training me in person?

Check out this 4-minute video to learn how to use what is being called "The Easiest-to-Use" Platform! If you have any questions, call our Sales Support Team at 1-800-450-7857 extension 3.

FAQ 5: I'm eager to share a review about how great my Territory Manager and the AssuranceAmerica team has been, in getting my customer issues resolved and helping to grow my business. Where can I leave a review?

Click here to submit a Google Review - we appreciate you!

FAQ 6: How do I help my customer get the Mobile App Discount?

Click here to learn more. It's three easy steps, that start with you and end with your customer e-signing their policy documents on their phone!